I was born and raised in a beach town called Wollongong (it was a town then) on the east coast of Australia. My youth was spent outdoors: skateboarding, BMX'ing, playing team sports and just learning life skills till the street lights came on. It was all about dealing with all walks of life and whatever circumstances was throw my way. By my teenage years, my parents began to show me the world and thats where it all began.... 

Today I keep that same philosophy, I embrace all new experiences with open arms and I'm in my element when in unfamiliar territory. I love meeting new people and seeing new places. I suppose that's why I pursued photography so many years ago. I felt an affinity with its ethos of in order for it to go grow, you needed to constantly point the lens at new places and people. 

They say photography is often a reflection of the photographer themselves. Yes you may be covering an event with a very exciting subject or point of interest but its the photographer who chooses what they want to show or not show and how they want it to be presented. Its often the fine art of what you don't show that makes your style distinctive in photography. And how you present the images together to tell a story. And that's where you find me, most in love. Telling my stories of my life experience and events.

Hopefully you'll have me at your event. As your guest, witnessing for the first time (like you) new and exhilarating moments. If so, then I'll be sharing the excitement with you (unobtrusively of coarse) and creating photographs for both of you to look back at afterwards, when at the time of it all happening you felt was a blur but now with the photos in your hands, you'll be able to see the details I saw and cherish the love of all your friends and family. You'll be able to relax knowing you have these moments in your life forever.